So many to thank as we come to an end

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As we come to the end we would like to thank a few people.

The North East Wales League as we know it is starting to fold down as we transition from this League to the new North East Wales Football League.

We have seen many Teams fly through our League and straight through the next. We as a feeder League have presented some pretty awesome Teams and that is something we are very proud of.

We cannot leave without saying thank you to numerous people.

To all the Teams that have been through our League, we thank you for starting your journey with us.

To our Current Teams, there is a lot we could say about you all but we will keep it short and sweet ;-)
You as Teams have been amazing, your dedication has been second to none and we are proud of how sporting you all are to each other. There have been ups and downs but we got there in the end. Looking forward to the new season! Without you we have no game.

To NEWFA, we owe you many thanks for all you do to advise our League and for the Support you have shown and given, especially on the passing of our much loved Secretary Mike Beech.
We have a firm bond with NEWFA and this will continue as we move forward.

To the Match Officials, to stand in the middle of a pitch for 90 mins deserves an applause in itself. Match Officials who have officiated games in our League did not have assistants, it was themselves and themselves alone.
Your helpfulness as Officials when ever we were short, for putting up with players who think they know better and for standing out in all weather we thank you. Without you we have no game.

To Mr Dave Jones of Grassroots North Wales, many thanks for your time, Support and for writing a brilliant write up every weekend and allowing us to use it. We hope our relationship continues well into the new League.

To all of our Sponsors over the Years, your support has always been much appreciated.

And we owe a very special thanks to a man who is not here to lead the way, the creator of this League, who put his heart and soul into grassroots Football, Mr Mike Beech, You are missed every day.

And to anyone that we have missed out, Thank You for your unwavered support.

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